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Alan’s Advice

February 25, 2012

“I’d get a baseball bat and hit those fuckers on the head.”

Did I mention CRPD Park Security Advisor Alan has heretofore recommended restraint?

I think I’ve noted it is the real Secret Service, Ed

They love me.

We drive fast in Washington, D.C.

Here in ca?



Austin, You Don’t Have a Problem

February 24, 2012


1. Get I.D.

2. Speak English.

3. Get “welfare” or a job.

No? FREE C-17 Ride Home!!!

I’m not that Hughes?

As a “President Hughes,” I might personally fly your ass back to where you came from. Not “liberal” enough for you?

We’ll talk later, California girls.

Just Another CHP/USAF “weather balloon”

February 10, 2012

Is it that much M-O-N-E-Y? ROSWELL?

NOT a “weather balloon.”

NOT a craft from outer space.

What was it? [Last evening, ca kooks, it was a balloon with some lights on it, aided by an assist from CHP, and the spooky man behind the Teen center? Just another fag. The 2008 sighting? They ran to the satellites and said, “Oh shit! That was a real one! And your question is?]

Mitt, when I went to P.T’s, in Sauget, Illinois, I thought it sucked, I did not get a …..never mind. ONE VISIT, and I’m doing that? Oh, those spies!

People, I could whip Mitt and Barack with one of these. Like the “Clanker Box,” I’ve run one (as a kid in the Buder Building). The building is gone, but as we say here in “T.O.,” “I’m still here.” Why do you think I live in Ed’s Tessla Park? Perfectly safe! Don’t ask what the clanker box is, if you do not already know. How close was “The Football” in 1969?

Too close.

May I use your cell phone?

Old Boss

No Comment

(but unlike ca SSI “Crazy Check” recipients & candidates, I’m sure she has an automobile)

Where’s TINA? (He’s talking to his fictional characters! Call the cops!)

February 6, 2012

“Of all the writers I have known, the one who seemed the least interested in literature was ___ ______. He never talked about authors or books, and when a literary topic came up in [Think CORNELL U. Medeival Studies] conversation, he would look bored and change the subject.”

– NATASHA WIMMER, of The Nation, you talkin’ about me?

“Tin Soldiers and President Oreo’s comin’. We’re finally on our own” ..where’s Neil Young when a Missouri man needs him?

{God help them if PayPal works. Laura said it would}

Why use PayPal, when I can starve to death on the CRPD not the park concrete?

February 4, 2012

And, as “Lacy” said, “No one cares.” Especially the Goebel staff! What were y’all doing around here? In 2002? In 2004? 2007? Uh huh.

What did the CIA mailgirl say? “There’s some really scary stuff before Congress right now.” and she was not talking about the United States Postal Service, nutcases! They are my neighbors in Maryland, not yours. Could we have some quiet this weekend? Or, I’ll call Deputy Johnson on you! Hutton? Who’s the cute blond? Susan? Is that really her name? Tell the truth!

From: William Hughes (
Sent: 03 February 2012 23:39:39
Bcc:;;;;;; (;;;


Hughes: “I hope you don’t lose your jobs.”
Mailman: “Me, too.”
Gone! In the e.t. tractor beam?
Not yet?
I-270 & Germantown Road
Be there!!!
This is William Charles Hughes, rightful owner of this property. I have a court order in my hand. You have thirty minutes to exit the building. You will be searched as you exit the building…etc. etc. etc.”

Neo-Nazi Reading Assignment

February 3, 2012

“When they swerve to the extreme, we’ll champion the mainstream. When they fly off to fiscal fantasy land, we’ll guard America’s real homes and jobs and families. When they stump for the wealthy, we’ll stand for the workers, the people whose interests can’t be protected by a Star Wars defense disaster. And, when they try to impose the radical views of the few on all of America, we’ll fight for the core..of work and responsibility, and tolerance and diversity that have long been the creed of family life.

When they try to rewrite the Constitution of the United States in a flash of ideological ink, we’ll tell them, ‘Thanks, but no thanks. Our founding Fathers got it right the first time’.”

– Dick Gephardt (D)-MO, 1994

WELCOME to the Hughes-Romney “Joint Spin Control Center”>>it’s new!

February 3, 2012

Yes, I cried and chickened-out when they made me an Honorary Page. Where did the fancy certificate go, mafia? Three…Two…One…Ingition…..”Those suckers still work!”

What is he talking about? Got no cell phone? He’s plenty crazy!